The Company

GlycaNova is a Norwegian company which develops, produces and markets dietary supplements, skin creams and pharmaceuticals as well as functional food ingredients for food and animal feedstuffs.

The dietary supplement Lentinex® are now available for sale, and the company is continuing its research and development of other products. All products are based on natural occurring beta glucans from medicinal mushrooms. The unique preparation method is based on fermentation and separation technology which gives natural, water soluble, effective products. These products have a specific molecular structure which allows them to be easily absorbed by the skin and the digestive system. Several of the products have received the Novel Food Approval in the EU and GRAS approval (Generally Considered as Safe) from FDA in USA.

The products and the production technology are the result of many years of research by the Norwegian professor Dr. Bjørn Kristiansen. He is a chemical engineer and has a PhD from the University of Manchester in England. He has also been professor of Bioprocess Technology in Scotland and director of research in Borregaard in Norway.

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