Lentinex Immune System Support. Beta Glucan Liquid – 30ml.

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Lentinex is for people looking to sustain a strong immune system. GlycaNova’s patented Lentinex is a pure, effective, & natural dietary supplement for daily use, developed and produced in Norway. It is recommended by health care professionals.

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Lentinex is clinically proven to enhance immune system function, vital for fighting diseases and infections. With high efficacy, only a small daily dose of ¼ – ½ teaspoon is needed.

In studies, users of Lentinex reported statistically significant improvements in their wellbeing, including mood, energy levels, and vitality.

Directions for use: Take ¼ – ½ teaspoon a day directly or added to water or juice. Lentinex contains no gluten or dairy products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Store below 35°.

Effective immune support

Lentinex is a clinically proven natural immune modifying product, recognized by:

  1. GRAS (US)
  2. Novel Food Approval (EU)
  3. Health claim as an immune-modifying product
  4. Tested in clinical trials and quality of life projects
  5. Patented and produced under pure conditions.
  6. Contains a beta glucan which has all the characteristics necessary for high bioefficacy.

Ingredients: Water; glucose (<2%); beta glucan (0.1%).